Every aspect of the AGD Foundation’s growth and outreach depends on donations from you. Your contribution will help support AGD Foundation outreach programs and improve access to care for those in need.

The AGD Foundation is celebrating over 50 years of striving toward philanthropic goals and providing opportunities for dentists to get involved. There is still much work to be done — your donation will expand the number of dentists and patients we are able to impact with our oral cancer screening and awareness programs.

These critical funds will be used to meet the following objectives:

  • Continue to provide free oral/oropharyngeal cancer screenings throughout the United States.
  • Develop, create and distribute free, easily accessible oral and oropharyngeal cancer educational resources for dentists, patients, physicians, public health departments, schools and more.
  • Increase financial grants to AGD constituencies and nonprofit programs that educate the public about oral/oropharyngeal cancer risk factors and prevention.

Protecting the oral health of the general public is no small task, but it’s possible with your help. AGD Foundation staff is available to assist you weekdays between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET. Call us at 518-694-5545.

Donate online or complete a Donor Form and mail with your donation to:

Academy of General Dentistry Foundation
136 Everett Road
Albany, NY 12205